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Mvizion Marketing uses POPPAR to access augmented reality to connect the digital content with the real world in a new, refreshing, fun and intuitive way. It allows you to see a layer of content on top of physical objects. With the Poppar app you can make the real world interactive. You just need to open the app, scan a "Poppar code" and then the magic'll come to life with exclusive information and content in the form of video, photo-slides, message, sound and much more. New Poppar codes are being released all the time and can be found anywhere so keep on the look out!

Step 1: Download the App - Scan the POPPAR code.

Scan the pop code

Step 2: Interact with the buttons to access content.

3d augmented buttons

Want to try it out? Download the Poppar app below: Then scan the code.
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Poppar Code
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